Porno Dan craves intimacy. In spite of himself and despite his industry, can Dan finally find true love?

DANLAND picks up Dan Leal’s, aka “Porno Dan”, life just as he’s cruising to the top of his game. Having spent much of his career shooting amateur gangbang videos in the basement of his suburban Virginia home, Dan finds himself nominated for an AVN Award. But Dan also has a quieter desire – he’s decided to stop acting in his own films, and concentrate on living a cleaner personal life; he’s looking for real intimacy – a committed relationship.

Blissfully domestic for a time in a renewed relationship with an ex-girlfriend, this situation rapidly degrades and six months later Dan is back to his old ways – partying hard and doing on-camera shoots with amateur porn stars. Dan tries to rebrand himself as the everyman porn star and heads back to Las Vegas for the AVN show, only this time no one seems to care.

Unflinching in its portrayal of the amateur porn world, DANLAND gets up close to one man’s search for love and shines a light on our collective desires and fears about love and sex.



Director: Alexandra Berger
Producer: Avi Zev Weider
Co-Producers: Cynthia Berger & Rod Hancock
Executive Producer: Martin Berger & Judith Berger
Cinematographer: Avi Zev Weider, Derek Wiesehahn, Brandon Cruz, Brian Winckler, Alexandra Berger
Edited By: Ann Husaini & David Petersen
Written By: Alexandra Berger & Ann Husaini
Music By: Michael Montes
Re-Recording + Sound Design: Tom Paul
Sound Design: Jason Candler
Assistant Editor: Anne Garrett, Jonathan Johnson
Guitarist: John Andrews
Assistant to the Composer: Mike Walz
Colorist: Karla Carballar
Key Art Designer: Missy Chimovitz