“I couldn’t imagine a more perfect adaptation of this quirky literary masterpiece”
-Atom Egoyan

Starring John Cameron Mitchell and Liam Aiken, “I Remember” is a short film adapted from the eponymous book by Joe Brainard. Using the book’s unique style of memoir writing, the film dives deep into the layers of memory, exploring how we remember an entire life.



Writer & Director: Avi Zev Weider & David Chartier
Producer: Avi Zev Weider & David Chartier
Executive Producer: Paul Auster
Co-Producer: Beth Dembitzer
Associate Producer: Aliyah Silverstein & Gabriella Speier
Cinematographer: Derek Wiesehahn
Production Designer: Marissa Nashell
Art Director: Stephen Kijak
Editor: Robert Pennington
Music By: Michael Montes